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Absolute Fencing Gear

Beginner Fencing Equipment

BEGINNER FENCERS MUST WEAR ATHLETIC CLOTHING AND GENDER-SPECIFIC PROTECTION. If we have a jacket and glove available to lend in your size, you may borrow equipment for the first four classes. The club has masks, body cords, and epees available to borrow until you are ready to move up from the introductory classes.

Maryland Fencing Club strongly recommends Absolute Fencing Gear for all of your fencing equipment purchases. They have very reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and they tend to ship to Maryland within 5 business days or less (standard UPS shipping). Prices listed are current as of November 1, 2013. Their web site address is www.absolutefencinggear.com and their telephone number is (732) 868-9003. Click here for sizing information. You are not required to purchase your equipment from Absolute Fencing Gear. If you bring equipment from another vendor, please be sure it meets the minimum U.S. Fencing Association safety requirements.

Used Equipment: A listing of used fencing equipment is available on Craigslist. If you have equipment that you would like to sell, we recommend you list it on Craigslist under the category Sporting Goods with the word "fencing" in the title, so that it will appear on this link. Maryland Fencing Club does not make any respresentations of the safety and/or reliability of any used fencing equipment that is listed on Craigslist.

Absolute Standard Glove $11

Backzip Cotton Jackets $38 - These jackets provide the basic protection required. They can be a little difficult to get in and out of because the zipper is in the back. These jackets will not stretch.

  • Mens' Backzip Jacket
  • Womens' Backzip Jacket
  • Frontzip Cotton Stretchable Jackets $52 - We recommend these for beginners. The zipper is in the front so it's easier to put on and take off, and it has some nylon, providing a much more comfortable fit than the backzip jackets.

    When ordering a frontzip jacket, you must specify which hand you fence with: right or left.

  • Mens' Frontzip Cotton Jacket Stretchable
  • Womens' Frontzip Cotton Jacket Stretchable
  • Required Protection - These items are required by the U.S. Fencing Association rules.
  • Absolute Women's Breast Protectors* (Pair) $9 - Required for girls and women.
  • AF Athletic Supporter Cup $13 - Required for boys and men.
  • Recommended Protection - Not required for beginners, but recommended for comfort.
  • Padded Underarm Protector $22
  • Men's Plastic Chest Guard $27
  • Women's Plastic Chest Guard* $27
  • * - Girls and women only need either a pair of breast protectors or a plastic chest guard (not both).

    Shoes - For beginners, any kind of low-soled athletic shoes with good traction that fit snugly around the feet (no "slipper shoes") are fine for beginners. After your first beginner class, it is recommended that you have a pair of shoes just for fencing that you keep in your fencing bag. When you are ready to buy fencing shoes, this guide is recommended:

  • Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Shoes
  • Epee Equipment for Open Bouting (after earning Yellow rank)

    Fencers who wish to regularly participate in Open Bouting will need to purchase an electric epee, a body cord, fencing pants, and underarm protector, fencing socks, and shoes dedicated to fencing, in addition to the requisite beginner equipment. Yellow, Green, and Blue rank fencers must have: jacket, underarm protector, fencing pants, long socks, one electric epee, and one epee body cord. Purple rank (and higher) fencers must have mask, jacket, underarm protector, fencing pants, long socks, two electric epees, and two epee body cords.


  • AF Unisex Pants: Cotton, $35 - These are the standard, budget-priced fencing pants.
  • AF Pants: Elite Stretchy, $44 - More form-fitting, comfortable pants with more give/stretch.
  • Body Cord

  • Absolute Standard Epee Bodycord, $13 - This is the recommended, standard epee body cord.
  • Socks - Any long, white socks which fully cover the lower leg when wearing fencing pants are fine.

    Underarm Protector

  • Absolute Cotton Underarm Protector, $16 - This is the standard, budget-priced underarm protector.
  • Electric Epee Absolute Standard E. Epee w/Pistol Grip, $60 (as configured below)

  • Blade Size = 5 (ages 10 & under as of Jan. 1 should get blade size 2)
  • Grip = AF Vis. Pistol Size M (generally speaking over 6' tall size L, under 5' tall size S)
  • Guard = AF Aluminum Light Epee Guard
  • Pad = AF Plastic Pad
  • Point = German Point (German points are worth the extra money, see staff for details)
  • Socket = AF Epee Socket
  • Please discuss blade and grip size with our staff before you place your electric epee order.

    Equipment Bag $30 (equipment bag recommended but not required)

    Standard Epee Mask $49 This is a solid, well-priced mask.

    Epee Equipment for USFA Tournaments

    Fencers who wish to participate in U.S. Fencing Association tournaments need: mask, jacket, underarm protector, fencing pants, long socks, low-soled shoes, two (2) body cords, and two (2) electric epees. At this point it may also be helpful to have an equipment bag to carry all of your gear.

    Electric Epee Kit: Competition 4-Piece Epee Set, 2 electric epees and 2 body cords for just $124 (with German points).

    Contact us at info@marylandfencing.com or (410) 929-3889